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Nous aimons le emo David Desrosiers ! [entries|friends|calendar]
You know you love the emo David Desrosiers!

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David Icons [ Wednesday, 06-14-06]
[05:28PM ]


First post here. Have 2 icons to share. Credit if you take. If you like, I have plenty more.

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SP MMVA [ Sunday, 05-28-06]
[03:38PM ]

Start voting May 29th! (that's tomorrow btw)

Two more banners here
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[ Saturday, 02-18-06]
[11:44AM ]

Simple Plan Pix/Icons/Banners I had in my photobucket for a bit. Just forgot to post them.

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[ Thursday, 10-06-05]
[09:56PM ]


Simple Plan at the Hordern Pavillion, SydneyCollapse )

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[ Saturday, 07-09-05]
[10:56PM ]

I decided to re-open emo_desrosiers. It wasn't right to close it, please forgive me, but I had never saw this before, which is what made me decide to keep it open. I'm going to go back and give you all posting privliages again, just promise me you'll post more, okay?
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Be PROUD! How's that for a subject? [ Tuesday, 04-12-05]
[01:10PM ]

[ mood | pleased ]

If you've not checked d-d.net then you should. Seriously. Why? Cause I'm we're posted on there! Yes!
This is what she wroteCollapse )

That makes me really happy. Cause d-d.net is probably the greatest and the best David site there has to be. Seriously. It has everything you'd need. They're nice enough to make mood sets for journals and layouts, they have stuff for boredom, they have stuff on Reset, David and Simple Plan. They have stuff for message boards. And one the most kickass galleries there has to be.

I am aware I'm making this public. It's my community, and I have the power to do that, but it doesn't mean you (mods or members) are allowed to do the same. This is an important exception.

And..that's all folks!

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[ Wednesday, 03-23-05]
[08:01AM ]

[ mood | ticked off ]

Okay, call me a bitch if you please, but if you want to join my commuinty, comment on the page where it has a lj cut and says read the rules. It's not that hard. I'm not going to add any more people if they don't comment on that page. It's not that hard. AND read the actual rules. Don't be a smartass and say I read the rules but you have no proof to show that. There are other people who have followed the rules, and you can clearly see that.

[ Friday, 02-18-05]
[11:17PM ]

[ mood | accomplished ]

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