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Alright, well I'm not very good at writing reviews, so here you go...

Me and my friends Holly & Kristy got there at 3:15ish... I wanted to be there at 1, but oh well.. all these girls were screaming and running over to this fenced off section, so we were like 'what if its them?' 'LETS GOOOOOOOOO' and it was, I saw all of them.. all these people were along the fence sticking arms through the bars screaming and I was almost crying with joy. I'm kinda shy, so I don't like to push through people and shit, so my friends were pushing me and I'm like 'DUDE.. STOP PUSHING ME!' and i found my own little space behind a car, and my friend was like 'Don't stand there.. there’s a car' and i said 'HE'S SKINNY. HE'LL FIT!' (meaning David) i took a few photos of him through the fence, and then got out my Double Banana picture.. yes everyone, one day at school i had a DOUBLE BANANA! and im like 'DAVID, DAVID, YOU LIKE BANANAS RIGHT? BECAUSE I HAD A DOUBLE ONE!' and he looks and said 'haha.. that’s funny' and i was like :o *dies* then he was walking past me to sign shit, i was shaking and couldn't get my poster out so i didn't get him to sign anything :'( haha.. i was like to my friend 'GOD.. he's so fucking hot!' and this guy, im sorry dude, i don't know your name, but your on here and i knew it was you because you have a picture of you in your siggy and it says something about possibly being the only guy on this site, anywho, he (you) turned around and smiled and i was like.. haha yep, even the boys think David is a sex god! Ohh.. and there were these dickhead guys with Simple Plan sucks signs, I have a photo (I'll post all my photos later) and these people went up to them and were ripping up the posters saying 'If you don't like them, then why are you here?!' and I was like 'YES! GO SON! TEAR THAT POSTER!!' lol...Then my friends were telling me we should go back and sit down and we would wait around there afterwards. So i agreed (foolishly) and we got in the line, which was pretty damn long, and sat down eating tv snacks and drinking water (getting out big energy boost lol) after a bit, people started to swarm into the barricadey gate things, so we went in and we just kept moving forward, it was good :) During the time we were waiting, Holly (one of my friends) need to go to the bathroom and didn't know where it was so I took her and on the way back she wanted an ice cream and I was like 'Holly.. HOLLY.. is that daz from kisschasy?' We were standing in the New Zealand ice cream place and he was standing there ordering aswell.. and she's like 'Yeah.. I think so' I wanted to go up, but my shyness and the fact that I was worried it wouldn't be him stopped me from going up and telling him he stole my pen. [at TRL a while back he was signing my cd insert thing and he left with my pen.. stupid turd lol] then Kristy (my other friend) called and was like 'where are you? you’ve been gone for fucking 20 minutes, come back now because people are taking your spot' and I'm like, 'Holllayy lets go, people are taking our spot' and we got back and it was so squishy.. it was awful. The ground was covered with ripped up newspaper and empty water bottles and shit. Filth. At 5ish my friends Mich & Shez arrived and came and stood with us. Finally , they opened the roller doors and everyone was pushing, so me and my friends all linked arms and charged forward. We got through the ticket things all good and I was like THERES NO TIME TO STOP.. RUN BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!! so we go into the arena/whatever you want to call it.. and there are already heaps of people on the floor and so we got and sit the right of the centre. Blah Blah.. people came in blah blah.. Then everyone just swarmed to the front and it was fucking badass pushing and I was scared that I would fall on someone I didn't know.. then this fucking guy behind me, who is the brother of my friend's ex-boyfriend, starting humping my ass and I got so fucking angry so I screamed 'GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!!!!' and he got the point. When Kisschasy came out it was crazy. Everyone was pushing and people were trying to jump and it was just chaos. Kristy was like 'I have to get out' so we all pushed our way out and these guys at the very side were like 'Thank you.. we love you' because we were moving, which would mean they could get closer. We went and sat in the seats up with Mich & Shez who had gone up there when everyone started pushing. We sat there watching Kisschasy, I think I was pissing people off really bad because in two songs I screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs. :) hehehhe. Then for the All American Rejects, Mich & Shez ran down and pushed their way through. Kristy & I stayed in the seats and lucky we did, because Pat, Seb, David and Pierre walked past directly below us, well not directly.. but so we could see them and I was like 'DAVID!!!!!' and he looked up and put a finger to his lip to make me be quiet.. Pierre did the same thing :) During the All American Rejects' last song, Kristy & I went down into the pit, my genius mind, said that everyone would move after AAR finished, which they did, and we got closer :) Then my other friend Leah, who was there with other people called and asked me to meet her over at the toilets, and I did and she was crying and I'm like 'Leah, sweetie what’s wrong?' and she said she had burst an ear drum (she had told me a few days earlier about how she has some ear thing) and she wasn't allowed to watch the show because it could deafen her and I felt so bad for her :( poor Leah. She had to go, so Kristy & I ran back to the spot, which had been taken by people, but not to bad, then when they came out, I was videoing and clicking my camera like crazy, I got videos of the beginning of most songs, but I couldn't do the whole song because I don't have enough video time on my camera. It was great, we were nice and close and we had a bit more space, so we weren’t dying. They were so great, Pierre & David did the microphone moan.. 'Sydney... Sydneyyyy oh Sydney.. oh oh AUSTRALIA OHHHH' that was hot.... Pierre also something something 'I wanna come in my pants' and David was like 'Did i just hear you right? did you say you wanna come in your pants? because man. I already did come in my pants' :D hahahahhahahahah.. They sang covers of Happy Together, Hot in here, H to the Izzo (whatever that song is called), Drop it likes its hot and I believe in a thing called love, correct me if I'm wrong or have left any out. After hot in here, David said 'You guys are all talk, saying your gonna take your clothes off, but no one is taking off their clothes' and Pierre took of the black sweater thing he was wearing. I also remember with David or Pierre, I can’t remember who, said something about wanting to have sex with everyone in Australia and live here. It was so awesome, Chuck crowd surfed, I videoed so I didn't get to touch him lol. After the show I met up with Leah and she had bought posters and I took them to try and get them signed, but unfortunately, my mum got there earlier than I told her to and she was getting impatient so I couldn't wait around for the guys :'(


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